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Tommy Amalfiano  - the founders headshot

The Boss

Tommy Amalfitano, Sr.

PRESIDENT + FOUNDER: Tommy is the real OG. He started the fish market with his best friend Mackey Ungaro when he was 15 years old. 65+ years later, he’s still seen in the kitchen, shaking hands and running the family. Tommy is The Boss, and the Original King of Fi$H.

Mike Ungaro - The CEO headshot

The Visionary

Mike Ungaro

CEO: The graduate and business mogul. Armed with a college degree and political ties that keep the family business immune from troubled waters. He started working and learning the business when he was 7 years old. Don’t let that smile fool you. He’s a genius and always keeps the fish market in the black. Mike is The Visionary.

Henry Ungaro - CFO headshot

The Hammer

Henry Ungaro, Sr.

CHIEF OF BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: The no-nonsense brother. He lays down the law, overseeing all operations and over 300 employees. Working at the market since he was 9 years old has taught him a thing or two about how to keep the business afloat. When every problem is a nail, all you need is The Hammer. And Henry Jr. is following in his dad’s footsteps, ready to take over the business and smash the competition.

Jennifer Ungaro - Financial Director headshot

The Queen

Jennifer Ungaro

FINANCIAL DIRECTOR: A woman in a man’s world. Leave scaling fish to the men because this boss babe handles the bag. Jennifer is

The Queen.

John Ungaro - Director of Purchasing headshot

The Quiet One

John Ungaro

DIRECTOR OF PURCHASING: He observes and listens. Working in the family business since he was 10 years old. John runs the distribution hub and his own not-so-little restaurant in Wilmington, called San Pedro Fish Market Grille. Careful what you say around him because he’s always listening, and he’ll protect the family business at all costs. John is The Quiet One.

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