Meet the Kings of Fi$h Cast


The Boss

Tommy Amalfitano, aka “The Boss”, founder of San Pedro Fish Market, started working for his best friend’s dad at age 15. Has worked nearly 7 days a week ever since to build that small corner fish shop into San Pedro Fish Market and Restaurant.


Grille Master

Tommy Amalfitano, Jr, aka “Grille Master” is the Production Manager. He has worked at the fish market since he was a kid, knows everything about the business…especially how to have fun working in it.

Michael Ungaro

Mr. Computer

Mike, aka “Mr Computer” as Tommy refers to him, is the Director of Marketing and New Product Development. The only college graduate in the family, and still studying business. Mike has worked at the market since age 7 and focuses primarily on new ways to make money outside of the business. These include: e-commerce, retail […]

Henry Ungaro

The Hammer

Henry, aka “The Hammer” is the Chief Operations Officer. Henry started working at the family business since he was 9 years old. Today he oversees all operations of San Pedro Fish Market, including it’s 200 plus person staff.


The Queen

Jennifer, aka “The Queen” is the Financial Director. Jennifer started as a waitress for San Pedro Fish and slowly moved to the back office. Today she holds all financial and human resource responsibilities for the family business.

John Ungaro

The Quiet Brother

John, aka “The Quiet Brother” is General Manager for Shamrock Seafoods. John started working in the family business at age 10, today he runs the family’s fast casual concept in the neighboring harbor community of Wilmington, Shamrock Seafoods, which also acts as a cold storage facility and Smoke House for the other restaurants.